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Friday, March 28, 2014

Awaken II


it was the depressing week for all  malaysian , on Monday night , our beloved Prime Minister , inform how mh370 ended in indian ocean . Without any evidence yet , malaysian mourn , i think everyone is sad , even we are not knowing any passenger inside mh370 , the love toward our brother and sister must be felt right ? It can show that all of us have pure heart and we are really Malaysian ! From this incident,the western news try to make up story that making our country look so bad in the eyes of the world . such a sad right ? but i think this is the time , where all Malaysian , no matter what races or religious you are ,should stand together to stand strong behind our country ! Make them shut their mouth off and looking at us at a good way not define us such as terrorist or what.

Then , on 26 March 2013 . i scroll down my instagram and inform that one of the pioneer blogger , sis Ami Scaheera had passed away . She's fighting for leukemia for about 4 years . I'm just a fan of her, the era when the scarflets pop-up , i started stalking her blog  The blog before sputnik sweetheart i think , looking at the good picture , good fashion , and the very soft smile can't show that she is everyday sick . She's living her life so good every day . The smile that she shown in her every picture , sometimes hide the pain that she feel . Sis Ami is such a strong person . You are such an inspiration sis , FOREVER AND ALWAYS :) Al-fatihah ..

And the most depressing is final exam is kicking off this week and i had gone thru 2 paper for this week , and 4 paper is waiting for me ! hihi . I'm not a good student , and it was not-so-amayzing life as diploma student , naa"ah , my friend is amayzing ! my study is not-so , biasa2 je . So I'm here to ask for your doa's for my final paper ! hihi * takmalu mintak doa kat orang * doakan lulus sume paper pon okay ! hahaah . hope that i can survive till the end and my semester holiday is coming ! can't wait to be at home , i'm missing my family so much , such a nerve wrecking to have those paper around you , i need good food , jalan2 , some money . puhahaha . please ? pray for me ! thanks !

regard and love !
sakinah zainol 

Wednesday, March 26, 2014



it's been a long time i left my blog , and from day to day , i have been missing to write . and to share my opinion . life so far is so good and alhamdulilah , it treat me very well with love around , it such a bliss !first of all , I would like to share the sadness about what had happen to #mh370 , it such a tragic and only ALLAH know what really happen.let’s recite al-fatihah to those were on board . may the family and friends had courage to accept what’s happen to their loved ones.

So , I’m on my "should" last semester , and unfortunately , I had to extend my diploma for another one semester , it such a sad , cause friends gonna leave me by this april and I still got another semester to gone through , but I believe something good is ahead and in front . so I’m enjoying the time as extended student . hihi .This early 2014 had teach me quite a lot lesson , to accept the truth , how to accept the bitter truth , to handle some friends , to appreciate those people around us , cause we don’t know when is our last good bye . so when there's still time , show some love people ! you won't regret later . hihi . i'm on my mission improving my suck english and if you really think my english is such an ass , i'm sorry ! 

21 quite a big number for me , and I’m still learning and enjoying the life.love !i've got a lot of mission ready to tick-on , and i'm ready to make a move ! wait up people ! :)
till here , regards and love !sakinahzainol

"The kingdom of the heavens and the earth and everything in them belongs to Allah. He has power over all things." ( Surat al-Ma'ida: 5:120)


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