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Wednesday, March 26, 2014



it's been a long time i left my blog , and from day to day , i have been missing to write . and to share my opinion . life so far is so good and alhamdulilah , it treat me very well with love around , it such a bliss !first of all , I would like to share the sadness about what had happen to #mh370 , it such a tragic and only ALLAH know what really happen.let’s recite al-fatihah to those were on board . may the family and friends had courage to accept what’s happen to their loved ones.

So , I’m on my "should" last semester , and unfortunately , I had to extend my diploma for another one semester , it such a sad , cause friends gonna leave me by this april and I still got another semester to gone through , but I believe something good is ahead and in front . so I’m enjoying the time as extended student . hihi .This early 2014 had teach me quite a lot lesson , to accept the truth , how to accept the bitter truth , to handle some friends , to appreciate those people around us , cause we don’t know when is our last good bye . so when there's still time , show some love people ! you won't regret later . hihi . i'm on my mission improving my suck english and if you really think my english is such an ass , i'm sorry ! 

21 quite a big number for me , and I’m still learning and enjoying the life.love !i've got a lot of mission ready to tick-on , and i'm ready to make a move ! wait up people ! :)
till here , regards and love !sakinahzainol

"The kingdom of the heavens and the earth and everything in them belongs to Allah. He has power over all things." ( Surat al-Ma'ida: 5:120)



yon149 said...

jangan give up kina. kita ada kat belakang. kalau ada apa2. just text me.

yon149 said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
yon149 said...

jangan give up kina,kita ada kat belakang. kalau ada apa2 just text me okay.

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